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Amande Noire

Mass gianduja almond soaked black, roasted almonds and caramelized.

Caramel Brûlé

Soft toffee, dark chocolate dipped

Carré Manuel 68%

Chocolate Ganache Trinidad 68% black, tempered dark chocolate, personalized plate


Mocha flavored ganache dipped chocolate milk with coffee bean chocolate for garnish

Exquise lait

Shell filled milk caramel, milk chocolate ganache, crunchy hazelnuts, almonds and grated orange pee

Feuilletine chocolat noir

Ground hazelnut praline, almonds and dark chocolate dipped feuilletine

Feuilletine chocolat lait

Ground hazelnut praline, almonds and dark chocolate dipped feuilletine


Shell filled milk caramel ganache dipped milk nougat plate / almonds

Mascotte LAIT

Ganache milk nougat plate, tempered milk

Mascotte NOIRE

Dark ganache, nougat wafer, black tempered

Noisette LAIT

Ground hazelnut praline dipped milk chocolate, roasted and caramelized hazelnuts for decoration

Pistache noir

Marzipan pistachio ganache, black tempered and crushed pistachio backdropArticle

Praliné au Thé

Dark ganache, jasmine tea infusion, tempered black and violet petal sugar for decoration

Praliné Tonka

Ganache Trinidad 68% and infusion Tonka bean, coated black and streaked milk


White ganache, white chocolate dipped

Truffe CARAMEL lait

Milk and caramel ganache, tempered chocolate milk and dark chocolate striped

Truffe LAIT

Milk ganache, milk chocolate tempered

Truffe MOCCA

Black ganache flavored mocha, black tempered, gold point for decoration

Truffe NOIRE

52% dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate dipped